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Each image may be purchased as a canvas print, framed print, metal print, and more! Every purchase comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

About Edward Longo

Edward Longo Edward Longo, American (1933 - ) (REF: ROgallery - Born in Waterbury, Connecticut, Edward Longo spent his youth in Cheshire. In 1951 he joined the Naval Air Force where he spent four years serving on numerous Naval bases and aircraft carriers as an aviation mechanic. It was only after this laborious process of working with his hands that he became interested in painting. His introduction to paint brushes, palate knives, and the techniques of applying oil came when the Hartford YMCA sponsored a ten week art class. It was only after six of those classes that he felt confident enough to begin painting on his own volition. After many years of experimenting with different techniques, mediums, and styles he finally set up his own gallery in Hartford. This experience, however, was short-lived. Prompted by the inspiration of a friend, he became convinced to make a bold move to New York City. In 1963, leaving everything behind, Longo proceeded to expanding his artistic talents. 'Edward Longo’s paintings are combinations of spontaneous inspiration, emotional freedom and daring color explorations. Early life on the East Coast brought the artist in contact with the verdant countryside and oceans, inasmuch as brine rolling foam and lusty breezes became ingrained within the confines of a truly sensitive spirit. With bold colors and painterly brushstrokes, Longo’s work possesses a passionate flair, even in his most serene compositions. His work displays the attention to intense colors and geometric shapes of Abstract Expressionism, while exuding the Romanticism and soft brushwork of Impressionism. Concentrating on drawing, sculpting and painting during the past twenty years he has exhibited in prominent Manhattan galleries, hotels, and numerous public spaces. ********** 'Longo is not a product of traditional training. He is a gratified man because his strokes carry with them excitement, surprise and freedom of expression. I would describe him as being the son of an ethereal marriage of spirit and inspiration. His originality begins the moment he becomes one-on-one with the canvas. Brush or knife in hand, he is able to express, through God-given ingenuity, experiences that have been an integral part of the artist for decades. Encompassing photography, drawing, sculpting and painting, Longo has elevated himself, as well as the viewers, out of the banality of urban life and into the realm of utter creativity. Longo describes the creative process as 'the art of transferring one’s feelings from the palette onto the canvas.' Gary Stevens - syndicated columnist. ********** One of my most exciting inspirations came when I completed Scent of An Orchid during 2003. I have become equally gratified after completing two more portraits, Anait Vardan and Aphrodite in 2010. In essence, each and every painting has been painstakingly processed, spiritually, as I am certain those talented artists who have passed must have experienced. Ultimately, each painting becomes manifest, subconsciously, without ever having a particular theme, or specific image in mind. This mysterious connection actually felt as if it was being transmitted through my own hand - each piece becoming developed through a different attitude. At times it was as if I had been stimulated by a bolt of immense electricity.